Personal Growth

Whether you are struggling with food, finances, sleep, exercise, behavior change, stress or just want to improve yourself personally, this is the program for you! We will work on removing what is blocking you from having the life that you have always wanted! This is a introductory 30-Day Program, with weekly sessions and is available in January 2017.

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Programs & Services

90-Day Transformation

The 90-Day Transformation is an intensive program that focuses on your mindset, behaviors and paradigms from which you operate. This program is ideal for those looking to make drastic change in their lives and be able to maintain without having to think about it. Great for weight loss, getting better sleep, managing stress and increasing energy. 


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Nurturing The Autism Mom

Through this group, I support  mothers who have a special needs child. Giving so much to your child, you often sacrifice a lot of yourself. In this group, we are a support for one another. A 30-day and 90-day program is also available for those that want a more personal, one-on-one individualized program. Remember, it's never too late to do something for yourself.  Self care isn't selfish at all. It shows you truly do "Love Yourself."

Stress Management

Are stress levels are at a dangerously high levels. In this program you will discover what's been slowing or stopping you from finding what your relaxers are.   Finding how you can start living and stop feeling so sluggish and depleted. This 30-Day Program will be available beginning January 2017.